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I got a little distracted

I wanted to get my Christmas presents done before the first week of December was over, but I got a little distracted. Instead of fiishing my Christmas presents I made 2 hats and some cookies.

The first week of December starts what my town calls The Snowflake Festival. Part of the festival is a parade, at 7 at night, in December. So it’s usually “I can’t feel my anything” cold, and I realized that Corbin doesn’t have a hat that fits him. So the logical thing would be for me to make him one. While I was making Corbin’s hat Nick’s oldest little sister “Pee-Pot” mentioned how she was going to be marching with her school band in the parade and needed a hat. So I made her a hat also, in her school colors.

I used just a general hat pattern with half-double crochet, because I’m not a fan of double crochet hats. They just don’t feel thick enough to me. I made Corbin’s green with a blue stripe around it.


I just figured out how to make pompoms so one got added to his hat…and then later cut off because I realized that a hood wouldn’t fit too well over the pompom. This only took me a few hours to make. If I had a specialty when it comes to crocheting, I would say it was hats. Then I started on Pee-Pot’s hat.

It’s hard for me to take a picture of myself without making a stupid face.

Corbin thought that he should check the red yarn before I could use it for the hat.

Like I said before, it’s her school colors, and has the school initials on it (you can find the pattern for the letters here.) Again I just used a general hat pattern with half-double crochet. This one has earflaps, hence the strings hanging down. Pee-Pot told me that kids were asking where she got the hat, which is cool. Nick’s mom was trying to convince me to make more and sell them. I told her I’d rather put a crochet hook through my eye. I like making hats, but not that much.

I also got distracted by trying to make a double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. They turned out yummy, but I’m a perfectionist so I wasn’t too happy with them. I was picturing chewy, fluffy, delicious cookies. What I got was flat, crunchy, delicious cookies.

Top: What I was expecting Bottom: What I ended up with

I guess that’s okay though. Everyone else likes them. In fact Nick’s mom liked them so much that last night she was holding the container of them like she was Gollum and they were her Precious.

Now I have no excuse not to finish my Christmas presents. I haven’t even found an idea of what to make Pee-Pot. I should just finish the fin and eyes for Peanuts hat, but I don’t want to. I was reading something recently that said that the last few things to do in a crocheting project are the worst, and I completely agree. I always want to do cool projects, but once I’m about 75% done I’m all “screw this, it doesn’t need to be finished at all.”

Anyway, I guess I should go and put my nose to the grind stone (or, um, my fingers to the crochet hook?) and get this done instead of getting more distracted writing this blog.

Family picture from the parade. Corbin was too busy watching the parade to want to take a picture.

Family picture from the parade. Corbin was too busy watching the parade to want to take a picture.

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